We all like to know, and we need to know for billing and management purposes. With WiseTime, we don’t even have to track it ourselves. WiseTime operates behind the scenes in your computer, tracking on which files, activities or websites you are spending your time. WiseTime generates reports seamlessly to let you know exactly where the time went.

Time tracking software is great when used properly, but it usually requires you to remember to start and stop the time capturing… and that’s easy to forget. WiseTime is always running in the background, seamlessly, accurately and consistently creating automatic entries of everything you’re doing without any effort on your part.

While you want to easily track your work, you may not want to share what you do on your computer that is not work related. With WiseTime you can choose which timekeeping records to post and which to track privately, for your eyes only.

  • Seamless timesheet automation
  • 100% Private
  • Increase revenue and productivity
  • Accurate time management insight
  • Manage your workforce
  • Ease of integration with your current tools and programs
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