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Master Clocks are used to synchronize time, control when bells alarm, lock doors, turn on/off air conditioning or lights and many other uses.  Master clocks can receive their time from GPS, or a network.  Master clocks can then send out the GPS or network time to clocks in one building, in several buildings on one campus or to several locations across a wide area network.

Healthcare: They can be used in health care to track time for Operating room procedures, track the time when a patient arrives at the ER to when they enter the operating room or track the time of death.

Education: Georgia Time’s Master Clocks are used in educational facilities including K-12 and college campuses to help students and staff be on time for their classes and meetings.

Manufacturing: They are also used in Manufacturing to ensure that processes are kept as streamlined as possible.  Corporations  also use them to keep timely meetings and record data that keeps their organization compliant and saving them money.

Georgia Time Recorder offers wireless master clocks as well as wired (synchronous) clock systems.  Both systems offer Analog and digital clocks in a variety of sizes and shapes.  The digital clocks offer larger numbers which allows them to be seen from a greater distance.  Analog clocks are more often found in education.   Both the analog and digital clocks can be mounted on a bracket in a hallway so it can be seen from both sides of the clock.