Increase schedule accuracy and improve employee satisfaction with vIDix SCHEDULER. Studies have found that employees are more likely to accept work schedules if their scheduling preferences are factored in—reducing overtime, absenteeism and turnover costs.

A simple user interface will help you manage and organize all of your scheduling processes. vIDix SCHEDULER automatically creates schedules based on your business requirements, governmental regulations, and employee skill sets…all while engaging employees.


Scheduling can be complicated, and making sure you have all the right people, in the right places, at the right time can be an overwhelming task. Let vIDix SCHEDULER handle complex rules and quickly generate an optimized schedule for you.

Configurable Rules
Predefined rules assigned to groups of employees or departments determine how each group of employees are scheduled. Locations, qualifications, availability, hours restrictions, jobs, rotations and calendar conflicts are all considered when creating an optimized schedule.

Automate Schedules
Quickly and easily create complex schedules with a click of a button. Align employee skills to corporate needs, consider employee availability, manage last minute absences and perform shift swaps.


Save time managing schedules with vIDix SCHEDULER. Ongoing management is easy when you have accurate up-to-date information. Quickly fill last minute call ins, post open shifts and manage incoming requests.

Schedule Management
vIDix SCHEDULER will prevent you from making mistakes. Managers will be alerted if a change made in the schedule will result in a conflict or overtime, enabling managers to effectively control budgets.

Overtime Control
Often overtime translates into unbudgeted and unplanned costs. Transform schedule data into high quality report information allowing managers to make better, more timely decisions. Managers can spot trends and correct behavior as it occurs, positively impacting labor costs.

Stop guessing how many employees and shifts are needed throughout the day. Utilize historical data to automatically generate a forecast of the necessary staffing level needed for your organization.

Using rotations ensures employees are evenly scheduled throughout the scheduling period. Rotations can be defined for holidays and weekends and set to any interval. Then let the system place them on the correct rotation cycle.

Shift Sign Up
When you need additional employees for a shift post the shift opening for employees to view. Interested employees can sign up for the shift and an employee can automatically be selected and scheduled.

Shift Swaps
You no longer have to remember who is coming in for a shift because employees have switched shifts with each other. Employees are able to request to swap shifts with other employees. Once both employees agree to the swap, managers are notified and have final approval of the swap. Once approved employee’s shifts
are updated on the schedule.


Keep everyone on the same page with reminders and alerts. Employees will receive notifications of any schedule changes and have 24/7 access to their schedules online. Managers will have the latest information to guarantee they are accurately staffed at any time of the day.

Employee Satisfaction
How your staff is scheduled can have a big impact on morale and employee satisfaction. Issues around transparency, fairness and the politics of the schedule are all factors in how your staff feels about their job, and will eventually manifest itself in their performance. Employees have a voice in their
schedule by allowing them to set their availability and sign up for shifts.

Employee Self-Service
Empower employees to interact with the scheduling process from any device at anytime. Employees are able to set schedule availability, swap shifts and request time off. Our collaborative approach enables staff to be engaged in the scheduling solution.

The complexities of scheduling continues to grow. It is difficult to keep track of employee requests, shift awards and schedule requirements. Alert managers of organizational and situational change requests and provide the information necessary for effective schedule management.

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