In today’s fast-paced world, no one has a moment to spare. Employees do not have time to manually track their worked hours, and supervisors do not have time to manually calculate totals, premiums, or overtime pay.

Our vIDix LABOR Web-Based Time and Attendance solution automates the data collection process while providing the tools and information necessary to proactively manage your workforce. This allows you to better manage labor costs and improve productivity. Save time managing time sheets with a solution smart enough to handle complex pay rules.


Increase employee productivity by allowing employees to quickly track their time, request time off
and communicate with management.

Accurate Time Records
Use vIDix LABOR to collect real time punch data which ensures employees are working the right hours in the right place – and are accurately compensated for their time.

GPS Tracking
Stop wondering if an employee clocked in at the right location. The GPS Tracking feature allows users to see where employees are clocking in & out by capturing their punch location. Simply view the location on an employee’s timesheet. The Offline Punch App allows employees to clock in & out and make transfers. Once the employee is back online, information is sent to their timesheet.

Timesheet Attestation
Allow employees to attest to their timesheet, confirming that they agree to the hours worked and reduce compliance risks.


Users can quickly manage employee time sheets using filters and shortcuts, making
it easy to address time sheets with exceptions and review hours worked.

Configurable Rules Engine
There may be differences in policies among various departments within your organization. Our centralized policy management helps to accurately and consistently apply pay rules to the right group of employees.

Example Pay Rules:
• Overtime – Daily, Weekly, Pay Period, Consecutive Day, Multi-Day, Weighted Average
• Breaks & Meal Deductions
• Shift Differentials
• Job Differentials
• Holidays Worked

One Click Favorites
Create easy access to your most commonly used functions. Reporting, exception, payroll processing, and historical reports can be set up as a single click function.

vIDix LABOR provides the ability to create multi-week rotating schedules that can be assigned to groups or individual employees. Utilizing the schedules will provide detailed insight into employee absences and allows you to quickly spot negative trends before they affect productivity.


Alerts & Reminders
Never miss unexpected overtime occurrences, late arrivals, Affordable Care Act (ACA) violations or record changes ever again. Receiving alerts and notifications prevents issues that could impact your organization negatively.

Receive notifications on:
• Absences
• Approaching Overtime Limits
• Missing Punches
• Late Arrivals
• Approaching ACA Limits
• Record Changes


During and after payroll processing you will have full support in knowing your data
has been archived, accessible in a full audit trail and have an extensive report library

Payroll Integration
Our expertise is integrating vIDix LABOR to your existing payroll system. Integrating systems means data only has to be entered once and cuts down on the steps taken. Overall, payroll processing becomes quick and simple.

On-Demand Reports
We have made it easy for you to get the information you need. We offer a wide array of time and attendance reports which empowers you to adjust staffing data and spot trends during the pay period rather than after the fact.

Detailed Audit Trail
vIDix LABOR provides a complete audit trail, tracking changes and adjustments to an employee’s record. View historical records at your convenience. This provides peace of mind knowing that accurate timekeeping with up-todate audit trails will keep you in compliance with federal, state, and local labor laws.

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