SY-910 Face Recognition System

Face Recognition Time & Attendance and Access Control

Benefits of Facial Recognition

Synel’s most advanced biometric data capture device employs Dual Facial Recognition Technology to instantly map the user’s facial structure and compare against saved templates.

Configuration Options

The clock’s cloud-based, open-source Linux platform affords users multiple options for integration and configuration. We provide several total solutions as well as provide customization for a fee.


  • Harness the power of look-and-go attendance tracking. One glance can authenticate a user and clock them “in” and/or grant access to a door.
  • Reliable and secure, the SY-910 has various alarms, can snap a photo upon each attempt to authenticate, and is incident trackable.
  • 6 programmable function keys for managing additional data such as departments, labor levels, piece rates, tips and more.
  • SY-910 cannot be fooled by identical twins, ever-changing facial hair, glasses, 2-D imagery, or even darkness. Effectively eliminate “buddy punching.”


Have Your Own Software?

Utilize our SDK (software development kit) to attach the SY-910 to your own software or workforce management system.


Need Software To Pair With SY-910?

Take full advantage of the 6 programmable function keys by pairing the SY-910 with our desktop software.


Want To Pair With Web services?

Our custom-developed Java application connects the SY-910 seamlessly to web services software without middleware.

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