Detex ProxiPen Guard Tour System

The ProxiPen Guard Tour System Kit

  • ProxiPen automatically senses and reads RFID tags
  • ProxiPen RFID tags can be concealed behind any nonmetallic surface for aesthetic considerations (behind walls, mirrors, etc.)
  • ProxiPen can read RFID tags even if they are wet, frosty, dirty, greasy, or painted over
  • Rugged, waterproof, compact, lightweight, and easy to operate
  • Provides visible and audible indications to confirm checkpoint scans
  • Prevents tampering by saving data whenever battery is removed (non-volatile internal memory)

Basic ProxiPen System Includes:

  • ProxiPen-2 RFID Tag Reader,
  • Data Transfer Unit (w/USB Cable),
  • Top Guard Patrol Software,
  • (20) 30mm RFID Tags
watch the video on how to use it
Proxipen Kit 120

GTR Business Systems only offers the best guard tour systems available today, including Detex’s ProxiPen System Kit. This guard tour system includes the ProxiPen guard tour wand, TopGuard Patrol software, a data transfer unit, and checkpoint RFID tags.

The waterproof ProxiPen system uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, which the ProxiPen senses and reads automatically whenever in range. You don’t need to actually touch the RFID tag to get a quick, accurate reading – just get close!

The real advantage of the ProxiPen’s proximity functionality is the fact that you can hide the RFID tags behind walls, underneath trash can lids, and other innovative places to maximize aesthetics and prevent tampering.

How it Works

ProxiPen has a built-in sensor that recognizes RFID tags. When the reading head of the ProxiPen is brought within the reading distance of a transponder, the unique code stored in the tag or ‘brick’ is read automatically and without contact. Control points, incidents, personnel, equipment, inventory or activities can be assigned to a RFID tag. A visual and an acoustic signal confirm that the data has been read correctly. Firmware is upgradeable through authorised GCS distributors.

Easy working – GCS TopGuard Patrol ‘plug and play’ communication and evaluation software is easy to use and requires only basic knowledge of Windows to set up the ProxiPen, create master files and evaluate collected data. The report generator provides a comprehensive evaluation report telling who did what, where and when. TopGuard Patrol software is included with each ProxiPen Kit.

ProxiPen’s data points are RFID tags, which ProxiPen senses and reads automatically whenever they come into its reading range

ProxiPen can read a tag even if it is wet, frosty, dirty, greasy, or painted over.

ProxiPen’s RFID tags may be concealed behind wallpaper, sheetrock, plaster, paneling, mirrors or any other nonmetallic surface; a real plus in applications where aesthetics or vandalism are considerations.

ProxiPen is compact, lightweight and easy to use, with no external controls.

Correct data readings are confirmed by visible and audible.

ProxiPen’s electronics are sealed in a tough polycarbonate housing, making the reader completely waterproof and shock-resistant.

ProxiPen delivers 50,000 data readings from one “AA” battery, which is user-changeable without tools (or loss of data, which is preserved in non-volatile memory).

ProxiPen’s anti-tampering features discourage unauthorized battery removal.

TopGuard Patrol Software makes it easy to set up tours, download and evaluate collected data and prepare reports, which may be saved and/ or e-mailed in HTML or PDF format.

TopGuard Patrol is easily customized to accommodate any data collection application, including maintenance, service, cleaning, attendance and asset tracking. Control points, incidents, personnel, equipment, inventory or activities can be assigned to an RFID tag.

The TopGuard Patrol software can be used with other GCS data acquisition hardware—including the popular Escorte system—in combination with the ProxiPen if so desired.

  • Rugged Design: Resists heat, shock and hydrocarbons. IP64 grade. Tested to resist free-fall from 1.5 m onto concrete.
  • Casing: Rugged, waterproof polycarbonate casing.
  • Reader: Reads up to 2″ from 20 mm transponder; 3″ from the optional 50 mm transponders.
  • Internal Memory: ProxiPen stores 4063 scans.
  • Battery: Powered by one AA commercial battery (alkaline, lithium, or rechargeable)
  • Tamper Prevention: ProxiPen records time and date battery was removed to prevent tampering.
  • Dimensions: 190 mm x 32 mm x 25 mm.
  • Weight: 140 g
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 70° C
  • Data Transfer: by RFID 2400 to 115,200 baud (downloads full memory in approx. 1 minute)

Options & Accessories

• ProxiPen Holster (GCS-PP-HOL)
• Belt Clips for ProxiPen Holster (HOLST-PP-CLIP)
• Serial Data Cable for ProxiPen DTU (GCS-PP-DTU-CAB)***
• Power Supply for ProxiPen DTU, 120/240 VAC, with USA/UK/EUR adapters (GCS-PP-DTU-PS)***
• ProxiPen Incident Book, with 20 RFID tags (GCS-PP-INCBK)
• RFID Tag, 50mm diameter (GCS-PP-TAG50-N)
• RFID Tag, 20mm diameter (GCS-PP-TAG20-N)
• Wristband RFID Tag (GCS-PP-WB-U)
• Proximity RFID Card with Magstripe (GCS-PP-CRD-U)
• Keyfob RFID Tag (GCS-PP-KF-U)
• TopGuard Patrol PLUS Software** (GCS-TGPLUS)

*** Only required if Data Transfer Unit (DTU) cannot be connected to a USB port

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