Primex OneVue Temp Series Sensors

PrimexTEMP sensors completely eliminate the need for manual monitoring and data logging

PrimexTEMP sensors completely eliminate the need for manual monitoring and data logging. With enhanced Wi-Fi communication and authentication protocols that meet today’s stringent IT security policies, PrimexTEMP sensors seamlessly capture and document vital monitoring data for you. Sensors are delivered pre-configured to your network settings to be able to immediately access your network without complicated set-up. Paired with cloud-based OneVue monitoring software, PrimexTEMP sensors provide assurance that valuable temperaturesensitive assets throughout your facility are safely monitored to protect patients and meet CDC, FDA, TJC and other compliance regulations.

Greater Protection with a Sleek New Design
PrimexTEMP sensors continuously monitor critical temperatures to safeguard your valuable temperature-sensitive assets, and alert you when necessary. Flexible logging and reporting options capture and document conditions, PrimexTEMP sensors communicate with the OneVue cloud-based software to maintain complete temperaturemonitoring documentation. Comprehensive monitoring reports are quickly and easily generated from any desktop or mobile device to demonstrate compliance to all authorities having jurisdiction.

  • • Out of range conditions immediately trigger audible and visual local alarms as well as customized email, text and/or phone alerts.
    • LCD display shows temperature readings and sensor diagnostics at the device.
    • Single or dual probe models available
    • All styles may be used with PrimexPROBES with CertiTrak™ and standard or extended range probes
    • Available with three power options: Battery, AC or PoE. AC and PoE units have back-up batteries to protect data in case of power loss.
    • FDA registered, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant

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