PerfectSeal Standard Reach

Designed so 100% of the stress is applied to the unit

PerfectSeal STANDARD Reach, Heavy Duty is the most durable seal available. Comes with my unparalleled **TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY, up to 200k impressions, new users receive a FINAL APPROVAL on one unit to ensure satisfaction ! Patented design with only two moving internal parts.

Comes with a brass die and my exclusive “Alloy” metal counter for a life expectancy of 700,000+ cycles! Forensically identifiable impression makes each a unique embosser. Engineered for even the harsh user.

PerfectSeal Standard Embosser

Volume users are aware of the potential for “Repetitive Stress Injuries” from constant use of a manual embosser. PerfectSeal removes any chance for injury! One quick touch of a button replaces the struggle of using a manual embosser. Center of your seal impression about 1.5 inches from the paper’s edge. 120VAC. Appoximate size is 6″x6-1/2″x8″ tall, 12lb. Priced with a standard text die. Logo, special engraving and options additional.

PerfectSeal’s primary design is for 100% of the stress is applied to the unit, 0% to the user.
Unmatched TWO YEAR WARRANTY, up to 200k cycles, tells who has the most durable electric seal.

  • Available with forensic impression identity
  • Patented “Direct Drive” Patent #5,461,976
  • Life expectancy close to a million cycles
  • Removes any chance of hand stress injury
  • Impression depth approx. 2-1/2″ (1-1/2″ oc)
  • ALLOY counter foils staple/paper clip damage
  • Lightening fast seal application
  • Multiple sheet or thick paper design available

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