Midwest Time Control Analog Wireless Clocks

Analog Wireless Wall Clocks

Midwest Time Control’s AWC-series analog wireless wall clocks are designed to receive the wireless data transmitted from the WIC-100 Wireless Interface Clock, as well as MTC Master Clocks with the wireless option. The AWC-series are highly accurate, electronic analog clocks.

Each AWC-series wireless clock is enclosed in a high-impact ABS plastic housing with a shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens.

The clocks are designed to be surface mounted. For use in hallways, a double- dial hanger bracket is available.

The AWC-series is available in battery-operated (2-“D” size batteries) models, as well as 24VAC and 115VAC models with a choice of power connector styles.

Standard Features

  • Case Diameter – 13.20 inches
  • Dial Graphics Diameter – 12 inches
  • Center Thickness – 3.0 inches
  • Battery – (2) D cell

Optional Features

  • Electric with Line cord
  • Electric with standard clock connector

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