Master Time Clocks

Midwest Time Control Series Wireless Digital Clocks

GTR Business Systems sells the MTC series from MidWest Time Control, Inc. The MTC series includes microprocessor-based Master Clocks designed to provide accurate, trouble-free synchronization of secondary clocks while at the same time offering programmable control circuits for automating building operations. They are suitable for many types of buildings: schools, hospitals, industrial plants, and office buildings. MTC series clocks are a cost competitive solution to your building time control problems, with state of the art features. The PC-400 Programmable Clock also provides control circuits, but without the secondary clock controls.

The MTC and PC series clocks can be programmed easily with a human engineered Control Panel. A four digit display and LED indicators guide the operator through each step. The MTC and PC series of clocks may also be programmed from a computer terminal, with the added capability of synchronizing the computer and PC time. For locations requiring absolute timing accuracy, MTC and PC series clocks may be synchronized with the National Bureau of Standards using the GPS Antenna option or NIST Telephone Modem Clock.

Standard Features

Simple, user friendly programming 1 day, 5 day, 7 day programming Single event or bulk memory erase 10 year rated battery backup Output circuit status indicators Duration programming for output circuits Program security access code Output circuit ON-OFF-AUTO switches Simple chronological program review Automatic leap year update Automatic daylight savings time correction On-Off programming for output circuits 12 or 24 hour time display format Manual secondary clock controls (MTC series) Automatic correction of Wired Synchronous secondary clocks (MTC series)10 programmable holiday periods.


  • Automatic Call Initiation (Programmable)
  • Dip Switch Programming
  • Manual Call Initiation
  • Time Zone Selection
  • Does Not Require a Dedicated Phone Line
  • Automatic Daylight Savings Time (Selectable)
  • 12 or 24 Hour Time Display
  • RS232 Output (DB25)
  • RS485 Output (DB9)
  • 10 year Battery Backup
  • PC Software Included

Optional Features

Synchronize with computer time (RS232) Program from computer terminal (RS232) Four selectable output circuit programs Automatic correction of Minute Impulse clocks (MTC series) National Bureau of Standards synchronization Relay kit for extra control functions Expanded memory (2666 events) Serial output for digital secondary clocks (RS485).

The MTC series provides hourly and twelve hour correction signals for Wired Synchronous secondary clocks.

With the addition of the optional Impulse Kit, the MTC series will provide timekeeping and correction signals to 2 or 3 wire Minute Impulse secondary clocks, 58th or 59th minute reference, and will provide 12 hour correction signals for clocks with that feature. During periods of primary power failure, an accumulator stores impulse clock signals. When power is restored, the Impulse clocks are corrected to the current time.

Many Payroll Recorders and Time Stamps may be synchronized with the MTC clock. With the addition of the Communications option, most computer-based payroll and job costing systems may be synchronized.

The MTC series of Master Clocks are capable of correcting most commercially available clock systems.

Manual switches are provided to assist in the setup of secondary clocks.

NIST Telephone (modem) Clock

The NIST Telephone Clock is designed to provide reliable access to Coordinated Universal Time. The clock will dial The National Institute of Standards and Technology via an internal telephone modem. It will receive the Time of Day, Day of Week, and Date. This information from NIST synchronizes the internal time of the NIST Telephone Clock. The internal time is then available to other devices via a RS232 port, a RS485 port, and a visual time display

The clock is housed in a High Impact ABS plastic enclosure for desk or shelf.

Power is supplied by a wall mount transformer (included) or from an external DC supply (9-12 volts).

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