Midwest Time Control Wireless Master Clock System

May be used as an interface to existing systems or used as a stand-alone transmitter.

The Wireless Master Clock / Transmitter (WIC-100) may be used as an interface to existing systems or used as a stand-alone transmitter.

The WIC-100 addresses the problem of adding wireless clocks to an existing system. A wireless clock system is a cost effective way to add clocks in a existing building. Running wires in an existing building can get expensive. Also adding on to an existing system can be difficult in wire sizing, finding wires, adding boosters, etc. The problem with most wireless systems is that the building now has two time sources and until now synchronizing the two systems has been difficult or not possible.

When installed as a stand-alone Master Clock / Transmitter the WIC-100 will correct wireless secondary clocks to the time manually set on the WIC-100. The WIC-100 will correct for Daylight Savings Time. The accuracy of the WIC-100 is based on the 60Hz power input for accuracy. A battery backup will maintain the time during power failures.

The WIC-100 will also accept the time signal from the World Clock in Colorado with the addition of a NIST Interface.

When installed as a Interface Clock to an existing system, the WIC-100 will accept the clock correction signals from the existing system, synchronize to the existing system and output a wireless radio signal to wireless secondary clocks.

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