Lathem PayClock Online

Cloud Based Time & Attendance System

PayClock Online gives you the freedom to manage time and attendance,
run reports and export to payroll systems from anywhere, for fast and easy
processing. PayClock Online lets you capture, edit and export your workforce
data into your payroll system when it is convenient for you. With PayClock
Online you can integrate your data into all of the major payroll services such
as ADP, QuickBooks, Paychex, and more using a web connected PC, Laptop or
Macintosh computer any location and at anytime.

Your employees can clock in/clock out with Smartphones, Tablets,
PC’s, and Laptops. PayClock Online time & attendance software
works with all of the Lathem Automated time clocks shown below.

Your employees that work in the field can track their
time automatically by clocking in and out remotely
with their smart phones or web enabled mobile
device. The employees at your facility can still use a
Lathem automated time clock to record punches. All
your employees can view their personal time card
information and benefit time whenever they want
with any Internet connected device.

Now offering a 15 day free trial.

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