Detex Reliant Plus Guard Tour System Kit

Includes everything you need to set up a complete guard tour quickly and easily

Detex’s Reliant PLUS Kit is an industry-leading guard tour system that includes everything you need to set up a complete guard tour quickly and easily. The Reliant PLUS kit comes complete with the rugged Reliant data acquisition unit, stainless steel iButton touch-memory checkpoints and the user-friendly Reliant Plus communication and reporting software.

Reliant Plus System Kit  – Includes:
  • REL-DAU-8 Reliant Data Acquisition Unit,
  • Nylon Holster,
  • REL-DTU-8 Data Transfer Unit(USB),
  • Reliant Plus II Software CD,
  • User Manual(PDF),
  • (2) iButton ID Keys,
  • (10) Checkpoints (Including iButtons),
  • (1) Incident Book & Keypad,
  • Casing Security Key   
Reliant Plus Guard Tour System Kit

The Reliant PLUS system allows you to enjoy enhanced security and detailed reporting, including exception and incident reports. Multiple guards, recording stations, and incident messages can be managed to provide a comprehensive security solution for any sized company.

The Reliant Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) is a rugged, portable device with no external controls that records and stores readings from the iButton checkpoints, along with the time and date of each reading. The device is protected by an enclosure of glass-reinforced polycarbonate (Lexan®). Successful readings are confirmed both by audible and visible indicators.

The Reliant Data Transfer Unit (DTU) transfers checkpoint readings from the Reliant DAU to a PC for processing into reports. The REL-DTU connects to the PC via an RS-232 (serial) port or a USB port.

The Reliant checkpoints use stainless steel touch-memory iButtons. Each iButton has a unique 16-digit ID number that identifies the checkpoint, security offi er, supervisor, etc. to which it is assigned. The iButtons are assembled into checkpoints using clear polycarbonate shells and mounted with the self-threading screws provided.

Incidents may be recorded using the Reliant Incident Book. Incidents are pre-defined and assigned numeric codes in the Reliant PLUS software. Incidents observed by the officer are recorded during a tour by entering the incident’s code, using the touch memory keypad.

Reliant PLUS Software is an easy-to-use software application for communicating with and configuring the Reliant DAU, transferring and analyzing tour data and producing reports of officers’ activities. Its Paradox database provides powerful and fl exible reporting features, including:

  • Filtered reports
  • Performance/Exceptions report
  • Missed Stations reports

Reliant PLUS also includes archiving and database management and repair functions.

The Reliant Mobile Data Transfer Unit, with a capacity of 21,842 readings, can collect the data from several Reliant DAUs. This makes it unnecessary to take a portable PC to several sites or to bring the DAUs to a central location for downloading.

iButton ID Badges and Keys are used to identify officers or supervisors in the reports, so that responsibility for performance of tasks may be assigned.

The Reliant Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) stores 5,460 readings in nonvolatile RAM. The unit will operate for one year or 500,000 readings on three “AAA” batteries, which are user-changeable.

  • Protected by an enclosure of glass-reinforced polycarbonate
  • Audible and visible indicators
  • Stores up to 5,460 readings in nonvolatile RAM
  • Operates up to one year on user-changeable AAA batteries
  • Measures 3.88″ x 1.9″ x 1.36″ and weighs 5.3 oz.

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