Acumen GT350 Employee Time Clock

Ideal for time and attendance and facility access control

  • Punch In & Out for Day, Job, or Task
  • Fast Clocking – Stays in Mode for In / Out
  • Enroll Employees from Terminal
  • Transfer Employees from Terminal
  • Enter Absense from Terminal, as well as Reason for Absense
  • Employees can Email Supervisor or Send Send Audio
  • Employees can Request Time Off
  • Employees can Review Time Off Approvals
  • Employees can View Total Hours Worked
  • Employees can View Last Punch

Acumen’s GT350 employee time clock is ideal for time and attendance and facility access control. Acumen’s GT350 is a highly customizable terminal that is easy to integrate into any workforce management application. A modular employee time clock, the GT350 is available with or without the biometric fingerprint scanner.

This advanced employee time clock enables employees to email audio to supervisors to request days off, provide a reason for being late, or clock in and out if they’re not in the system yet. The audio messaging functionality is a distinguishing feature that can help eliminate buddy punching without upgrading the time clock to include fingerprint scanning functionality.

Acumen Data Systems’ GT350 Employee Time Clock

Acumen Data Systems’ GT350 is a flexible employee time clock that is well suited for time and attendance, facility access control, and miscellaneous data collection.

Reliable Biometric Fingerprint Clocking (Optional)

Acumen‘s GT350 features true plug-and-play biometric fingerprint clocking that helps eliminate buddy punching and employee overpayment for late punches or extra breaks.

The GT550 also features Fast Clocking to speed employee punches. If you have standard shifts where employees typically clock in or out, you can set the terminal to stay in the In or Out screen.

Advanced Clocking

With the GT350, employees can also email audio to supervisors to request days off, to provide a reason for a late arrival, or to clock in or out (if the employee isn’t enrolled yet or if there is an error). The audio messaging functionality is a unique and advanced feature that can help eliminate buddy punching without even using the biometric fingerprint functionality.

The GT350 offers many employee self-service functions that can’t be found elsewhere. Employees can request a day off, view time off approvals, view total hours worked for the pay period, view their last activity, and view their current department, job, task, and status – all directly from the terminal.

Easy Integration

With plug-and-play configuration, the GT350 is one of the easiest employee time clocks to integrate. The employee time clock comes standard with one USB2 port, but can be expanded to house three USB2 ports to.

The GT350 employee time clock is an easily customizable terminal that is quickly integrated into any time and attendance, payroll, ERP, MRP, manufacturing, and many other business systems.

The GT350 is a modular employee time clock that can be upgraded to include the biometric fingerprint option. Whether you want biometrics today or down the road, you’ll enjoy the same price to upgrade – unlike the experience you’ll find elsewhere.

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