ClockVIEW: Employee Software

Can quickly and easily track hourly and salaried employees time

ClockView Employee Software

  • Dashboard showing “in”/”out” status and much more
  • Attendance time approval
  • Time card review of on-time punches
  • Time-off request management
  • Email alerts for events you specify
  • Completely customizable rules for work & play
  • 35 standard reports, customizable reports & auditor reports
  • Active directory synchronized and SALM/SSO single/sign-on
  • Create default schedule & unlimited standard schedules
  • Point/demerit system management
  • Email templates: emails sent upon event
  • IM and email employees

With ClockVIEW, you are empowered with the most robust and cost effective employee time and attendance software available. Simplify employee time tracking, eliminate the tedious aspects of employee time and attendance, automate processes, and save money with Acumen’s employee time and attendance software.

Regardless of company size, ClockVIEW typically provides a return on investment within a few months. Start saving money today by eliminating data entry redundancy, reducing employee time card audit time, eliminating errors, introducing automation, and eliminating employee over payment for long breaks, late arrivals, and early departures.

Acumen’s flexible employee time and attendance software allows you to customize nearly every feature and report detail to ensure our time and attendance system matches the exact organization of your company and fits your specific needs. Providing accurate information that is available anytime you need it – anywhere in the world – ClockVIEW is easily integrated with just about every employee time clock, payroll system, and manufacturing system, as well as other business systems.

Ensure Compliance with Acumen’s Employee Time & Attendance Software                    

Not only is ClockVIEW extremely feature-rich and flexible, but it also helps you facilitate regulatory compliance. Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, DCAA, FairPay Rules, and HIPAA requirements are all satisfied with Acumen’s employee time and attendance software.

By providing accountability, reliability, historical records, and secure systems, ClockVIEW helps you meet the mandates set forth by several different regulatory agencies. Best yet, we’ve also included an easy Auditor Report to quickly and easily create a report for auditors.

Easy Multilingual Employee Management                                                                               

Another powerful feature of Acumen’s employee time and attendance software is ideal for companies with non-English speaking employees or companies with multiple locations around the world. With the localization feature, any language can be displayed for any employee. Administrators can quickly and easily establish an employee’s preferred language upon registering the employee in the system, and every field in the software will be displayed in the employee’s preferred language. Unlimited language localization’s can be created to suit your needs.

Employee Scheduling                                                                                                                    

Acumen’s employee time and attendance software also includes basic employee scheduling. You can quickly and easily establish as many standard schedules as you’d like, as well as establishing a default schedule. For more robust employee scheduling functionality, check out Acumen’s complete employee scheduling software, ShiftVIEW.                                                                                                                  

ClockVIEW is available in a software as a service (SaaS) model or licensed for use on your systems. ClockVIEW can function either as a batch or real-time system when used with Acumen’s data synchronization software, GetDATA and PutDATA. Together, ClockVIEW, GetDATA, and PutDATA automate the data synchronization process between each system.

Data replication can be preformed from database to database, application to web service, web service to web service, ASCII-separated file transfer (via file transfer protocol; newer methods such as XML/HTML via web services also supported), and other common protocols.

Most browsers are supported, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Comprehensive Time & Attendance Features & Reporting

  • Fully customizable settings for setup & organization
  • Robust reporting with ability to customize reports
  • Ensures regulatory compliance – plus easy auditor reports

Easy Integration with Payroll, ERP, & Other Systems

  • Compatible with nearly any payroll, ERP, MRP, & other systems
  • Exports to Payroll System in many formats
  • Automates payroll process & frees-up your time

Wide Selection of Employee Time Clocks

  • Compatible with nearly any employee time clock
  • Biometric time clocks: face, hand geometry, fingerprint, etc.
  • Standard time clocks: proximity, barcode, keypad, etc.

Fast Turnkey Installation & Support

  • We work with your IT team or provide complete services
  • Personalized services to ensure all requirements are met
  • Maintenance & support available 24/7

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