Acroprint Model 150 Time Card Clock

Rugged & Dependable Automatic-Print Punch Clock

  • Easy one-hand operation.
  • Withstands thousands of print registrations per day.
  • Offers a selection of print typewheels to meet specific applications.
  • Time cards easy to align, accepts standard time cards,
    PM hours underlined
  • Automatic ribbon feed and reverse ensures long ribbon use
    and easy replacement
  • Clock is directly geared to typewheels so time on face
    matches the time stamped
  • Rugged ABS Construction is rust and corrosion-proof
  • Desk or wall-mount recorders are easy to install
Model 150 Time Clock

A heavy-duty punch clock such as the Acroprint Model 150 time card clock can handle thousands of print registrations per day. These dependable workhorses feature a tough, rust-resistant case that stands up to harsh environments. They’re suitable for any size business.

These versatile time clocks can be built to order with a variety of typewheel configurations including left-hand printing, Spanish month wheel and/or a symbol wheel. Model 150 time clocks are suitable for time and attendance tracking, job costing, time and date recording and many other applications.

The Model 150 is an automatic-print time recorder that accepts standard time cards. The sturdy print mechanism is activated simply by inserting a time card, which allows for convenient one-hand operation.

This model comes with a large, easy-to-read analog clock face.

Operates on 120VAC, 60Hz. Made in the USA.

Designed for years of service. The Model 150 features a tough, rust-resistant case that withstands harsh environments.

Suitable for most business applications. With a variety of typewheel options, these clocks work for time and attendance, job costing, document tracking and many other business uses.

Economical to operate. Automatic ribbon feed/reverse ensures maximum ribbon life. The Model 150 prints cleanly on widely-available standard time cards and most other business documents — no specialty cards required.

Easy one-hand operation. A guide mark makes it easy to position your time card or other document. Printing is activated automatically simply by inserting the document.

  • Take control of your labor costs today with the Acroprint Model 150 Time Card ClockYour investment will pay for itself quickly because tracking employee time and attendance saves your business time and money. An employee that takes a few extra minutes of company time for his or her own personal use affects your bottom line. Those minutes add up over time and before you know it a couple of dollars compound into hundreds of dollars.
    • Eliminates the uncertainties of handwritten records. Provides legible records of hours worked.
    • Conforms to state and federal wage and hour laws by providing permanent, accurate and indisputable records of employee’s arrival and departing times.
    • Reduce tardiness, long breaks and early departures.
    • Increase production and provide the correct cost of a finished product/operation.
    • Eliminates disputes regarding pay.

Height: 9”
Width: 8”
Dept:  6”
Weight: 11 lbs

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