Smart Emergency Lighting
Wireless Automatic Testing
Guaranteed Compliance

Never Test E-Lights Again!
Hexmodal’s Smart Emergency Lights wirelessly
perform all required testing automatically.

  • Automatically Meet TJC Testing & Reporting Requirements
  • No Wifi or IT Needed
  • Electronic Alerts 100% Online
  • Dramatically Reduced Cost Over
  • Conventional Manual Testing

What Do I Need To Avoid A Deficiency?
CMS requires emergency lights and exit signs to be tested monthly. The results must be recorded and saved for inspection for at least three years.

Testing Requirements
Monthly: 30sec Function Test
Annual: 90min Discharge Test
Records: Date of Test, Result, Light ID, Stored for 3yrs
Manage Testing & Records Online

  • Schedule & Run Tests Online
  • Emailed Failure Alerts
  • Warnings Before Lights Fail
  • Visualize Lights With An Interactive Map
  • Supports Desktop, Tablet, & Phone
  • Online Monthly Reports Stored Forever

Smart Asset Management

  • Smart Asset Tags come standard on every Hexmodal light, Scan with any phone! 
  • Scanning takes you directly to the light’s profile
  • Smart LEDs display color-coded statuses so you can visually determine if a light is functioning

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