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FIPSlink with Identity One

By February 2, 2021Blog

The TWIC Final Ruling has returned. Get TWIC Compliant with FIPSlink and Touchless Biometrics

If you work in the maritime or petrochemical industries, you are familiar with the Transportation Worker Identification Credential, or TWIC. Since the 2018 suspension of the TWIC Final rule, there has been a lot of industry buzz about when it would be enforceable again and how to become compliant. Now that the Rand Corporation study has been completed and the updated Final Rule was reinstated in May 2020, here is what you need to know about being TWIC Compliant and how FIPSlink by Identity One can ensure your facility’s compliance.

The 2020 ruling requires that certain facilities, described below, comply with the updated Final reader rule. Effective dates vary for certain facilities and vessels, but the requirements have been enforceable for the first round of facilities as of December 31, 2020. This means it is prudent for these facilities to start implementing reader solutions as soon as possible to ensure they are in compliance.


The TWIC Final Rule DIRECTLY affects about 525 “Class A” facilities as of today:

Facilities transferring bulk Certain Dangerous Cargo (CDC) across a marine dock to or from a vessel
Cruise and large ferry terminals that handle 60 plus million passengers per year and a vessel that has 20 TWIC cardholders as part of the crew
Facilities that have bulk CDCs in their TWIC areas (but do not transfer CDCs across a marine dock to or from a vessel) will not be mandatory starting in 2020 but according to industry veterans are likely to be added to the mandatory list in the coming months
For more information on the TWIC final rule, click here.

Become Compliant with FIPSlink
FIPSlink by Identity One is a TWIC card and device management software platform with turnkey integration into leading access control systems. FIPSlink uses existing physical access control system infrastructure to enable TWIC compliance.

Not only does FIPSlink enable TWIC compliance, it does so while giving facilities the flexibility to choose how their cardholders authenticate. FIPSlink is compatible with standard commercial cards that workers already carry around the site, which means there is no need to reissue cards or replace existing access panels.

FIPSlink also includes touchless biometrics options, which will allow workers to safely identify without coming into contact with any germ spreading surfaces.

To top it all off, FIPSlink features automatic compliance checking and easy enrollment, which means that once a cardholder is enrolled the software does everything else on its own. This means that the FIPSlink software can run in the background while the existing access control software is managed as normal. FIPSlink is more cost-effective and operationally efficient than competitors such as HID pivCLASS.

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