Maintaining the optimum temperature and
humidity is crucial to safely managing drugs,
vaccines, tissue and food in all healthcare facilities.
SenSource Wireless can provide the assurance that
these assets are stored at the required
environmental parameters. We provide wireless
solutions to monitor, alert and record the
temperature, humidity and pressures in a cloudbased
environment. Reduce the manual processes
and record keeping that is required through a realtime
wireless monitoring system. Your healthcare
team can then focus on providing what matters,
excellent patient care.

Healthcare professionals can expect:
•Proper temperature and humidity monitoring for
blood, tissue and food service products
•Compliancy and standards control
•Cost control due to improper refrigeration
•Scalable cloud-based interface for customized
alerts and notices
•Integration with existing Building Automation
•Historical data that can be retrieved via computer,
tablet or smartphone

Temperature Sensors
The RTD1 series are battery-powered temperature sensors with an external single or dual RTD
probe. They are ideal for monitoring sealed storage environments like refrigerators, freezers or
liquids. The modular design includes built-in wireless communication with visual and audible
alarms. The probes can operate in temperatures ranging from -200° to 125° C. They can be easily
installed on the outside surface of the container or liquid being monitored.
418 MHz Temperature Sensor – XR43-TMP1 (single input)
900 MHz Temperature Sensor – XR9NS-RTD (single input)/XR9ND-RTD (dual input)
Wi-Fi 802.11b Temperature Sensor – XR8S2-RTD (single input)/XR8D2-RTD (dual input)
* Probes are purchased separately depending on the temperature range required

Temperature/Humidity Sensors
The TH1 series are self-contained, battery-powered temperature & humidity sensors. They are
designed to be used in areas which require ambient temperature and humidity monitoring. The
design includes built-in wireless communication with visual and audible alarms and
operate in temperatures ranging from -40° to 85° C and relative humidity from 20% to 80%.
These sensors can be easily installed on any surface in areas requiring monitoring.
418 MHz Temperature/Humidity Sensor – XR4ETH2
900MHz Temperature/Humidity Sensor – XR9N-TH1
Wi-Fi 802.11b Temperature/Humidity Sensor – XR8S2-TH

Temperature & Door Status Sensor
The CT1 series are battery-powered with an internal temperature sensor and data transmitter to
monitor ambient temperature and door status (open, close and count). The compact enclosure
operates in temperatures ranging from -40° to 85° C, making it easy to install in almost any environment.
This sensor also detects when a door was left open, as well as, how many times the door
was used to access the monitored area. Using VeaTrak Software, automatic and historical reports
and graphs are easily calculated.
418 MHz Temperature and Door Status Sensor – XR4-CTI-LEG
900 MHz Temperature and Door Status Sensor – XR9CTIWi-Fi Temperature and Door Status Sensor – XR8S2-CTI

900 MHz and Wi-Fi sensors wirelessly report back to SenSource VeaTrak cloud software for easy access to hardware
configuration, real time & historical data. Alert conditions are processed through email or SMS.

Radio Selection
900 MHz models require use of a Link Manager (900Mhz Radio to Ethernet converter) which is ideal for applications
where a Wi-Fi network is unavailable or when extended range is required. Wi-Fi models conveniently make use of
existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and require no additional hardware.

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