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Manual paper time clocks.

Mechnical clocks (such as the Lathem 2000/4000) are the most basic form of employee time clocks and use paper time cards.  Many are made of sturdy steel construction and are beneficial for harsh work environments with few employees and simple pay rules.

Electronic clocks (such as the Compumatic MP550) will give you the same function as the mechanical clock, but have the added benefit of an internal memory and automatic daylight savings time features. This type of clock is perfect for a work environment that is less harsh.

Calculating Clocks (such as the Amano MJR7000) gives you a running total with every out punch on the paper time card.  This type of clock can also be used in more rugged environments and handle a few more pay rules such as rounding, lunch deductions and overtime while still allowing the employee to see their accumulated hours on the time card.