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Daylight Saving Time Is Here, and We Have Officially Sprung Forward

By April 9, 2021Blog

Whether it’s the timeliness of your students, staff, or patients that you’re trying to ensure, getting them to the right place at the right time can be a challenge.

We understand that running a safe and efficient facility is important. We want to help make sure your facility is at peak operation at all times by making sure your OneVue Sync™ analog and digital clocks — as well as your OneVue Notify™ InfoBoard™ displays — remain on time and synchronized.

Minimize Staff Burden with New, Improved Transmitter Technology
Are you tired of checking each transmitter manually or climbing into attics or isolated areas to perform maintenance on your transmitter? We understand how very time-consuming and tedious that can be. We’re continuously improving our technology to ensure we provide the best experience for our customers.

If your clocks are not working in sync or need assistance with a new transmitter, you may want to consider our new OneVue Sync Transmitter. It has our existing high-frequency technology but with a new smart IoT designation. When paired with the web-based OneVue software platform, proactive alerts and reporting capabilities will enable you to have information at your fingertips. No more losing track of where your transmitters are or spending valuable time climbing into remote areas to look at a transmitter screen.

Sync Transmitter


The new OneVue Sync Transmitter can improve the efficiencies of your building automation. Benefits include:

  • Proactive alerts that let you know when your transmitter may have a low or lost signal
  • Instant troubleshooting with remote diagnostic capabilities
  • Automatic, on-the-spot firmware updates
  • Automatic NTP updates to always keep your clocks synchronized, even during the start and end of daylight saving time
  • Critical notifications, class schedules, and infection control reminders throughout your campus when paired with OneVue Notify InfoBoard displays
  • Integration with popular public address and life safety systems
  • Compatibility with existing Primex synchronized time solutions

Contact us today to learn how you can save by replacing old clocks and upgrading to our new OneVue Sync Transmitter. or 770-441-2879