Reported COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Temperatures

Hospitals and health systems must be ready to ensure proper vaccine storage when approved vaccines are ready for distribution.
Some vaccines will reportedly require extremely cold storage temperatures, with some as low as -94 °F (-70 °C).
Vaccine providers will also have to meet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requirements for storage and handling at ultralow temperatures to maintain vaccine safety and efficacy.


Keeping COVID-19 Vaccines Safe         

Primex OneVue Sense environmental monitoring solutions can protect your valuable vaccine supply with automated temperature monitoring and alerting.

The OneVue Sense Temperature Sensor with a cryogenic temperature probe can monitor storage units as cold as -328 °F (-200 °C).

When paired with the OneVue Monitor software, you’re able to receive real-time alerts if the temperature within your vaccine storage area leaves a specified range.

If there is an out of range temperature excursion, OneVue emits local visual and audible alarms and provides alerts available by email, text, and phone call.

OneVue temperature sensors are easy to install — a typical installation takes approximately 10 minutes to complete — and can be relocated without difficulty. OneVue sensor devices use AC or PoE for power and feature standard battery backup.


COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Compliance           

OneVue Monitor provides an Asset Summary Report that eliminates manual logging and can help keep your vaccine and temperature logs in one place, making it easy to find during audit scenarios.

Primex OneVue temperature sensors meet the compliance regulations set by the CDC and other governing bodies.


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