COVID-19 and Employees in the Workplace

By March 18, 2020 Blog
Finding ways that businesses can be proactive in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic is very necessary.
If you have a business where your Employees cannot work from home and need to physically show up for work, then here are few tips to help you combat the Coronavirus and help workers stay safe.
1.  You probably have a regular cleaning crew for the facility, but it may be prudent to hire a cleaning service that has been trained in the CDC guidelines of.
2.  Be proactive before any workers have reported an illness and set-up an isolation room for employees who are displaying symptoms of the virus.
3. Encourage employees to use their good judgement and stay home if they are feeling ill.
3.5  If your employees punch in/out with a physical time clock – consider implementing a clock that does not need to be touched such as a Face clock or a Proximity Clock.  This will give your workers an added level of security and social distancing.
4.  If your company is a manufacturing plant that operates with multiple shifts that overlap, consider giving 30 minutes between shifts so your employees can practice social distancing.  You can also stagger their breaks and lunches so there are minimal people in the break rooms and common areas.
5.  If your business or plant is in a remote location and employees have a short time for lunch, consider having a food vendor brought in.  If you already have a food vendor, confirm they will continue deliveries in the same manner as always.
6.  Develop a plan and process for if/when a worker contracts the Coronavirus.  Will your plant shut down? For how long?  What criteria will you meet for the “all clear” so that everyone can come back to work?  Will you offer PTO time for their compensation? or even a partial unemployment benefits program?
8.  What if you have employees that can work from their home office?  Consider a cloud hosted Time & Attendance Solution where they can clock in using their smart phone.  If punch location verification is an issue, many cloud hosted systems offer a GPS punch location and/or a GeoFencing option.
All in All there are multiple ways to ride out the current storm.
Stay Safe, Compliant and Productive Through COVID19